France Tour Video – Stay_K – Tête de mule

“The Stay_K skate shop team in France for two weeks (20.04-03.05.23).

‘Tete de mule’ is French for stubborn, at least as google translate says. So, this is the story of five friends doing exactly that, having plenty of stubborness and determination to continue to take their skateboarding places – central Europe, in particular, and Paris & Lyon, France – out of the small desert island of Cyprus that not much happens in terms of skate events and opportunity. Well, nothing should keep you from chasing your dreams, the pure thrill, and from living the life!

Edited by Timmy Michaelides

Filmed by Christos Yiannaki, Tony Tzo Josephides, Timmy Michaelides

Organised by Christos Yiannaki

Featuring: Tasos Panayi, Christos Yiannaki, Tony Tzo

Guest Appearances: Julien Juju Bachelier, Matisse Banc, Arthur Fontis, Enzo Lou, Baptiste, Quentin The Chef, Paul, Christos Mantilas Mikellides

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Article by: Stay K

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