Go Skateboarding Day 2021 – Nicosia, Cyprus

Better late than never, enjoy the footage from this year’s (2021) Go Skateboarding Day Event in a nicely built montage (docu style)! The event took place on the 20th of June in Nicosia, Cyprus. Big ups to Christian, Nadiotis, Mandilas, Rappas, Robbie, Aresti, youngsters Andreas Savva and Dionisis, Paraskeva, Stevie and Charis Ioannou who managed to take home prizes from us (the organizers) and from our good sponsors.

Shout out to Tony, Niparistas and Tasos who were part of the crew and they nailed some bangers, too. Of course, big ups to all that came down, from all over the island, to join the fun and these Crazy skateboard sessions. Cheers! Til’ the next one, enjoy this video and keep shredding! Thank you.

Event Organised by Stay_K Skateboarding and Board House Cy #Stay_K#Skateboarding @_stay_k_ @board_house_cy #Boardhousecy

Supported by Vans Gr, Sigg, Ice Power #Cyprus and Cysk8clips #Vans_gr#Siggcy#Icepowercyprus#Cysk8clips IG: @sigg_cyprus @icepower_cyprus @cysk8clips

Video Edited by Christos Yiannaki @johnyboy.kay

Filmed by Timmy Michaelides @dude.wheres.my.truck
Additional Filming by Ricky Smart and Ben Licherbones

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