This past year, events were postponed. Tours were postponed. Shopping, dinners, bar crawling, roadtrips, limited. Even god’s work was postponed. But, you know what? Skateboarding wasn’t postponed nor limited. It thrived. We watched our locals having the time of their lives skating. We hope our favorite activity kept everyone involved company, far from anxiety, happy.

A Skateboard is dear to us. For you, it might be something else. Whatever you do is worth it. Even if it turns out or, to better put it, seems to fail sometimes. As long as you do it with passion, sincerity, good will, and you always try to overcome obstacles and your self, then it’s all good.

Skateboarding taught us that and many more. For life. Here, with a small edit, giving justice to some nice clips, filmed or published on our social feeds during 2020, that never made it into a ”real” montage.

For Those About to Rock We Salute You!

by Stay-K

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