Paris Hadjisofokli 1998 – 2020

This one is to celebrate the life of Paris Hadjisofokli, a creative multitalented person, a tattoo artist, a skateboarder, who was also active as a guitarist and snowboarder. This video is dedicated to his family and close friends. On behalf of the whole Stay_K team, we want to express our deepest condolences.

In the video you can watch a couple of scenes from the gathering we organised at Platia Palouriotissas, Nicosia, to celebrate his life and memory. Listening to music he loved and skateboarding for Paris, everybody could see and feel how much love his people shared for him. Paris Hadjisofokli might have left us early, but he surely lives in our hearts, thoughts, and minds. May he ride and rest in peace. – Stay K

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