Go Skateboarding Day 2020 Cyprus

“Finally, we are taking the international #goskateboardingday​ events back to the Cyprus streets and their iconic spots. Like last year in Limassol, this year in Nicosia, history was made. The scene is tight and our goal as a local skater-owned shop is to keep it tight and, of course, help it grow.

Even though, there was not much promotion for this event, due to regulations, we all managed to make it what it was together. Big Thanks to everyone that participated and supported.

See you at the next one! PS. As it seems, almost all the footage we gathered was from spots with stairs. If ya dig so much, maybe next time we’ll visit ministry of finance or zena palace like every other #goskateday​ in the good old times, for the big hammers.” – Stay-K

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